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    Default Any advantage to powering down the 9500ix v. plugging it out

    When you power down the 9500ix, you hear the voice say "Powering Down". Is there any process that anyone knows about that the RD is actually going through during the power down phase?

    I've also just unplugged it and haven't noticed any problem in functionality, but I wanted to know if I may be risking something by not going through the power down process.

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    Default Re: Any advantage to powering down the 9500ix v. plugging it out

    As long as it isn't updating something in its EEPROM at the time (say, locking out a false alarm or changing settings), unplugging it should be no problem at all. This isn't a Windows computer that is running multiple applications which can have files open.

    My Redline also says "Powering Down" but I have it hardwired to the ignition so power is fully cut. Cutting power externally has the additional benefit that power surges can't hurt the unit. Devices with "soft" power buttons don't really power down, they just go into a standby mode but are still drawing a small amount of power, polling the button so it can respond when pressed to "power up" again.
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