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    Default ? min add-a-line

    ok got the min add a line

    Roy mention 1amp fuse can i go 3amp or is the best to use 1amp
    Im put in escort 8500 hard weird in

    thank you for your time

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    Default Re: ? min add-a-line

    "min add a line" - at first I thought you were talking about going fishing.

    If you have the hardwire kit, it already contains the fuse. You should also have the "add a circuit" (I assume that is what you are talking about), you can piggy back that onto a 3 amp fuse, should be no problem.
    You do want to piggy back it to something that is turned off when your engine/ignition is off, like the radio. Otherwise you will need to manually turn off your RD.
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    Default thank you for the info

    im going off the radio



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