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    Default Escort 8500 X50 Laser Question

    As you can read in the REAL EXPERIENCES section the X50 alerted to laser today in Ohio on I 270 mile marker 49.......anyway I was wondering whether you all have most of your detectors mounted perfectly level to the road. I noticed how a radar detector may look level....but if you get out of the car and look at it from the side it may look like its pointed toward the sky. Maybe that's why sometimes people say their detector didn't alert. I had my detector mounted way up right underneath my rear view mirrior and it still alerted to laser.....I have my X50 perfectly level to the road. 8) [/img]

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    My V1 is mounted on the dash and is level and even with it mounted low I sometimes get advanced warning but so far have been able to adjust my speed with the help of Veil when I don't get advance warning. I'm using V1 1.7 with front laser only (the older style).
    Here in GA any non-state LEO can only write you at 10 or above the limit, so that helps. Most laser encounters I face are non-state LEO's - the state LEO's don't have that restriction.



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