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    Default Cobra XRS 9970G 1.8 miles aganist 33.8 KA

    hey guys i used to have a V1 untill it got stolen, ive been deciding between the redline and another v1. My dad got a new cobra xrs 9970g and ive been testing it out for a about 2 weeks. Last night i got a 1.8 mile C/O detection from ka 33.8.

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    Default Re: Cobra XRS 9970G 1.8 miles aganist 33.8 KA

    Um... Wrong section... Don't know why everyone is having such a hard time with that lately. Just because you said redline and v1 doesn't mean it fits in this section. Separate the cobra encounter during testing and put that in that section and ur redline and v1 question here.

    I am sorry to hear about your v1 though!

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    Default Re: Cobra XRS 9970G 1.8 miles aganist 33.8 KA

    Be sure and report your stolen V1's serial number to Valentine Research at 1 800 331 3030 so that it will be returned to you if the thief decides to send it in for a repair or upgrade.

    I own a V1 and a Redline...I would choose the V1, but the Redline is an excellent detector with features that would be nice to have on the V1.



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