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    Default 9500ix GPS warning - No time to react

    I just installed the 9500ix today.

    There is a speedcam a few miles from my house so I drove over to it to test the 9500. As I approached, the unit was silent and I assumed it didn't have the location in the database.

    So i reached to mark the location and just as i did, the 9500 alerted me of 'speedcam' - but at this point, i was basically on top of the speedcam (within 20 feet maybe). It said 300, 200, etc, but by the time it thought i reached the speedcam, i had already driven at least 150 feet past it.

    So i guess either the gps signal wasnt good or the database didnt quite have the right location?? Both scenarios are not good, though i hope its the second case - an isolated incident maybe.

    The GPS aspect of the detector is great, but if it doesnt alert you till its too late to slow down, then what good is it?

    Anyone have any ideas? I changed the preferences to display my speed at all times (trying to check the GPS signal) and it was pretty accurate. Maybe 1-3MPH off, or 1-2 seconds behind...


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    Default Re: 9500ix GPS warning - No time to react

    Common issue, but at least one IX user seems to have cured the problem by doing an update.

    Have you tried updating?

    Here's a thread with a LOT of discussion on this....

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    Default Re: 9500ix GPS warning - No time to react

    Thanks brass - wasnt even aware of that forum. just joined and posted something in that thread.

    would love to see a fix for this issue.

    either my gps lock is not accurate, or the software really should be reprogrammed to give more advanced notice of these things. had i not known the camera was there, the RD alert would have been no help...

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    Default Re: 9500ix GPS warning - No time to react

    The warning distance is short, however it also could be the speed cam is for the other direction. The database is directional now.



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