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    OK, so brought family to the beach to go fishing..about an 1hr freeway driving. I havent had much of a test with the 9500ix so far since my work commute is less than 10 minutes each way. Decided to bring my 995 Vector. Had the 995 mounted on the top windshield and the 9500ix on the bottom dash (as far away as possible)
    On the freeway, hit a ka band (on other side of the fwy from a CHP-about a 1/4 mile down) the 9500 was about 1/2 second quicker than the 995 but the rampup was almost full force. The 995 took its time to get to full strenghth. A few stop sign alerts from the 9500 on the fwy which didnt both me at all. Hit a speed sign (k band) from about 1/2 down. Both about the same time but again the 9500 went crazy while the 995 took its time to get to full bars.
    On my way back home, switched the 9500 on top and 995 on the bottom. Nothing to test besides close to home, on local street (next to fwy) my 995 picked up a faint KA signal while the 9500 didnt pick it up. the 995 beeped for about 5 seconds. So why did the 9500 not pick it up and was mounted on the top versus on the bottom, close to the dash?
    The good thing about the 9500 is that it silenced the falses. I did it a few POP from the 9500 with nothing in sight....should I block the POP for S. California? I also wonder about the sensitivity of the 9500 since it seems to be about the same as the 995 and even the 995 picked up a ka band that the 9500 the 9500 really better than the Vector 995? Now Im wondering for this cost, should I of went with the Valentine One?

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    You shouldn't use more then one radar detector at a time, they can interfere which each other. <div class="wrp_rc">

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    Don't run 2 RD's together, it will cause a delay in alerting or miss one completely. POP should be off.



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