Yesterday I was going to a friends place and began to get a very slow K band alert. Over the next 2.5 miles it gradually ramped up until solid tone alert about 1/2 (+/-) mile from the source.

It was one of those small "Your Speed Is" mobile speed trailers cops put out here and there. I don't usually get that long an alert for one of those tho.
Usually down here, I get MAYBE 1/2 mile on them as I believe they are low power units.

I also have to say that while I have been disappointed with a few other aspects of the 9500ix, one of the things mine seems to do well with is ramp up.

It seems to give very early and very gradually increasing alerts to radar. Odd since most people report just the opposite.

One of the things I absolutely gave up on is the database. After using a GPS like a Garmin Nuvi for RLC's and other marked locations, it's like going back to a VW Beetle after driving a Veyron to use the Escort system for that.