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    Default 8500 x50 Weak Ka

    My Escort 8500 X50 seems to have week KA band detection.

    Today, I got a KA alert about 5 seconds before an approaching police car came. When in direct visual site, I got only about 4 KA bars on the signal strength indicator.

    Is there something wrong with my detector or is it the way the police cars are setup in my area? Generally speaking, the KA readings I get are always very weak. In contrast, I can pickup K from quite a distance.

    Is my detector working properly? How can I tell? It did once say "Self Cal," but a reboot seemed to fix that.

    Does anyone here have the equipment to properly test a detector like this?

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    Default Re: 8500 x50 Weak Ka

    He may have only had a rear antenna in the car.



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