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    Unhappy Ohio Traffic Drones

    I just saw this posted.

    by John Horton

    Red lights glowed and beeps sang from the radar detector mounted in Raun Kopp's car as the Road Rant lookout rolled down Interstate 71. The message the device sent?

    It's becoming useless.

    Hundreds of speed sensors installed along area highways as part the Ohio Department of Transportation's new traffic-monitoring system can play havoc with many radar detectors, especially older models. The sensors operate on a K-band radar frequency that's capable of setting off detectors over and over and over again.

    The effect is pretty annoying. "It just kept beeping and lighting up every mile or so," said Kopp, of Brunswick, one of several motorists who contacted Road Rant about the issue.

    Motorists in other metro areas experienced similar issues with their detectors when SpeedInfo traffic systems debuted, according to Charlie Armiger, a spokesman for the company. The sensors might affect any detector that tracks K-band radar, a frequency that's being used less by police for traffic enforcement, he and ODOT said.

    There are solutions, though: Escort Radar, an Ohio-based company, worked with SpeedInfo to create a filter that essentially blocks out the sensors for car detectors, Armiger said.

    Escort might want to focus some advertising on Northeast Ohio.

    Eventually, about 400 sensors will track the pace of travelers on highways from Cleveland to Canton. (The devices are housed in white tubes with solar panels on top.) Information from the sensors will be used to inform motorists of expected drive times and delays through electronic message boards and ODOT's website.

    It'll be a useful tool . . . unlike that trusty ol' radar detector that's soon to become a bother.

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    Default Re: Ohio Traffic Drones

    I <3 TSR

    I also live along a drone route where K-Band is still a decent threat...

    Had to upgrade to a Belscort to stop the annoyance...

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