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    Default anyone else using blendmount mounts for 9500ix ( instead of suction cups )?

    You have to admit the suction cup mounting is kind of problematic and prone to having your detector fall off. It only happened once in a while with my old cheapo.

    My new 9500ix fell off twice in the first 10 days and that was enough for me. I checked out the dashboard mounting options and nothing seemed all that good for me.

    I settled on a blendmount ( black aluminum ) unit that attaches to the mirror and then provides a mount point. Nice looking and well engineered and well it works really well.

    These are not inexpensive mounting options but it is a one time permanent solution.

    I have to think there are other people out here using these mounts?

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    Default Re: anyone else using blendmount mounts for 9500ix ( instead of suction cups )?



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