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    Smile anyone have escort entourage ps?

    I made my first mistake about buying a radar / laser jammer from a company we dont speak of with out consulting this forum. after i got it installed i read all the reviews here stating how much it SUCKS. less then a month later that garbage was taking out and LI's put in. WOW do i love LI...

    I dont want to repeat my mistakes. ! Im looking for a decent GPS tracking for my car. my old car had low jack but police near me dont use it so whats the point.. i been reading about escort entourage ps and it looks pretty good.. Anyone have it? How accurate is it? does the Tamper alert work as good as they say? if someone hops in my car when this thing is armed will it sense the viberation and alert me? Any reviews you may have about this product is greatly appreciated! im buyin it off of EBay for $100.00 less (199.99) the seller has sold over 2,000 items with flawless 100% feedback. i spoke to him a few times.. hes selling them a little above cost because he has so many (10 left)

    i know its about $ 180 a year for the service and im Okay with that if it works good. my car has never gotten stolen but im paranoid as hell. i do like the fact i can toss this in my Alienware laptop case and track my laptop (i leave it around work alot)
    Thanks for you time guys!

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    Default Re: anyone have escort entourage ps?

    if your car is stolen, it will be parted very quickly, and most probably put into someplace that has no gps signal, all will happen faster than you think, it would be STUPID to keep cars out in the open, and intact for that matter

    you'd need to realize your car was gone very quickly..........honestly, keep insurance, and don't waste more money trying



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