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    Default 9500 ix powering down / restarts / powers down again

    Relatively new 9500ix 2202XXXX bought ( returned item ) from BB. Working well for 10 days ... then yesterday went into a cycle where it would show "Powering down" ( but I did not hear it say anything ) ... then would restart ... then would power down again.

    This happened repeatedly like every 2/3 minutes until I unplugged it.

    Returned it to BB for another unit which is working fine now.

    I did not see anything relevant searching via google but hey maybe I missed something. It had been registered with Escort and updated to 1.7 firmware etc.

    Ideas anyone? Just a lemon of some kind or did I miss something?

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    Default Re: 9500 ix powering down / restarts / powers down again

    most likely it was just a defective unit that best buy either missed and accidentally put back on their shelves as a refurbished item, or they actually thought they could get away with selling it as it was.



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