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    Default where to install the QI45 radar sensor on a 2007 G35?

    I have a red 07 G35S and have been using a Passport 8500 for almost 10 years. It really works well for me but I would like to switch to a hidden detector because this car just attracts a lot more attention from police than my last car (a gray BMW).

    The problem is that the grill on the G is basically a series of horizontal plastic bars with a chrome like finish. Not much room between each one. The grill below the bumper is a black mesh but that would put it very close to the ground.

    What kind of options do I have and where would it be best installed?


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    Default Re: where to install the QI45 radar sensor on a 2007 G35?

    If you don't have a front license plate covering it, I would put it in the top louver of that air intake located under the grille.

    Granted, it's a low mounting position, but much preferred compared to putting it behind the grille or behind either of those mesh covers on the left & right side.

    Plastic is a low loss medium, but irregular shapes (like mesh) can fragment the microwave wavefront and cause phase errors inside your receivers horn which causes a sensitivity drop.

    A low but unobstructed mount will usually perform better.

    Edit: I was looking at this pic.......but I see there are other configurations that may not include the center air-intake I was referring to.

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