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    Why in this day in age does Escort fail to be accurate in their owner's manual? They act like X-band is the only thing used by door openers, intrustion alarms. In my area, K-band is WAAAAY too common. Anyone have any idea how the motion sensor works on the S3? It has to emit something, although probably very brief.

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    Motion sensor probably just involves powering an accelerometer chipset onto a "interrupt if force above threshold" mode, which then boots the DSP. That's a very small amount of power needed to detect motion relative to powering up the whole detector.

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    You'll quickly learn that the attitude and support from the manufactures is both arrogant and snobbish. They build what they want hidden behind their patents and they could give a tinkers damn about you or what suggestions you have to improve their products. Live with the facts. V1 great detector but near what it was when first introduced. Escort 9500CI comes with a laser system that is weak at best. I remember when MEM Tech improved their Jammer and offered to work with them on it to no avail. STI-R great detector overpriced then discontinued by Beltronics. Redline good but no I/O. Cobra with all its bells and whistles and the range of a sling shot. Rocky Mountain Radar couldn't Jam strawberries. If they didn't have patents they'd all be out of business because somebody with a lick of business sense would eat all their lunches. So enjoy their products and come to the forum for answers and suggestions because they use the products and verify strenghs and weaknesses of all the units out there. And don't throw rocks at the tower because nobodies home.



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