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    Default Explanation of Spec Display on the 8500 x50

    Hey i have been trying to figure out what spec display is on my escort 8500. I know its an a little more advanced than the bar chart but i hear its nice for false alerts. Really anything you know about it will help me out. Thanks

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    Default Re: Explanation of Spec Display on the 8500 x50

    I don't have an 8500, but spec display normally just consists of showing the frequencies of the bands that you're being hit with. There are certain frequencies that leos use; therefore, if you get an odd frequency, you can ignore it, if it's way off anyways. I have a Cobra with spec display, and have figured out what to ignore, and what to treat as a threat. After you have ran spec mode for a while, you'll get the concept down. For example, a lot of Cobras give off frequencies in the 33.6ish range, and there are no 33.8 guns being used in my area, so when I get a frequency close to that, I know it's a false.



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