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    Default 8500 X50 - A few more questions

    Hi all,

    Just looked and found out that I have been using this X50 for almost 3 years now (purchased 1/28/2008) and I still have questions!

    -On the 'multi meter' display (cant remember the name), the little line next to the band to display strength never matches the audio rate, or the blinking LED on the directwire smart cord. Mainly, the visual line displays a full alert, but the audio/direct wire LED will display a lower alert. I think the audio/LED is right, but want to be sure. Is this normal?

    -There is almost no K band ramp up on this thing. It seems to always be at 3/4 alert and gets annoying. Is this normal? My KA ramp up is always good!

    -What is the latest version of software that I should have? Not sure if I should send it back before the ESP is over to 'tune it up' to ensure top performance.

    -Although this unit has been a great performer, I may upgrade the unit once the ESP is over. I believe the 9500 was the same in performance, but has more bells and whistles (mainly the location thing). Which is the BEL equivalent of the 9500? I like the audio tones of the BEL better than the escort (I think they are the same as the old 966ST that I used to have) Am I assuming this correctly?

    Thanks as always!

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    Default Re: 8500 X50 - A few more questions

    As far as your ramp-up concern goes, I think it is nature of the beast for an M4 based X-50. IDK what the latest revision is but it can be flashed to include TSR. IDK if the flash addresses any ramp-up concerns though. The Bel equilvalent would be the Pro Series GX-65.

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    Default Re: 8500 X50 - A few more questions

    I have an 8500 x50 as well and I also have had those issues with ramp up, but I don't worry about it because I know that Escorts are not very good with thier ramp up.

    I'm not sure what the latest version is, I have a Rev. 6.3. You can check what version you have by doing a factory reset: holding the mute, city and brightness buttons while turning the unit on.



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