For those of you who have registered your product on their website you should be receiving this booklet soon.Its particularly nice to be able to show a buddy who hasn't got on board that actual product with ease.

Ill admit i'm guilty of wanting how do i say this..less people knowing in my area haha.. basically i don't go telling everyone about my new found hobby because where i live the police are yet to bother with tactics for those using detectors because very few people even realizes they are legal or exist and fewer actually purchase them.No laser in my area till u get into southern to central Maine.I am working on my circle of closer friends..One friend got nailed for 74 in a 55 and again 79 in a 55 and i told him " you know for what i payed for this is less them the tickets you've managed to get in 2 months".I know one thing the first time they are with me and see it work they will be sold!