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    Default New 9500ix, which code to update database?

    I just received my new 9500ix and went online to register it. The registration screen asked me for a serial number along with my name, address, etc. It never asked for the "Key Code Number" on the yellow card. I have installed Detector Tools 1.8.2.

    I then goto the "Activate Your Database Subscription" page and it asks for the serial number which I enter from the yellow card, email address and "DB Subscription Code:" which I don't seem to have as it only allows an eight digit number and the "Key Code Number" on the yellow card is a 16 digit number.

    I know I eventually have to purchase a subscription but how do I use this yellow card to get my initial updates?

    Any help will be appreciated, thanks.

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    Default Re: New 9500ix, which code to update database?

    If I haven't said it before "Welcome to the forum" and I think that the new Detector Tools don't require it.



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