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    Default Rookie encounter

    I was traveling North on a 4 lane undivided 55mph road coming up to a red light 9500ix goes off softly,far enough where i can't identify cars at the intersection. Gets a little stronger and finally goes off as i pull to the red light behind two cars. LEO pulls up to the redlight from the east turns right going the same direction i am. But ahead of me. IX goes silent for about a 1/4 mile then goes off full blast. Now i am confused until i see another LEO coming the other direction.
    My question is if i put the ix in expert (it was in Autonox) would it have kept track of both, or would it have gone blank (since it went silent) until the second one was detected.
    Looks like most LEO's here ride with K constant on but I am waiting for an I/O to hit
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    Default Re: Rookie encounter

    If the GPS has acquired a signal, the 9500ix will beep twice and then remain silent until you accelerate over 20mph. Then it'll alert/ramp up according to the signal strength.

    Mines done that several times. I'm sitting at a light, it beeps twice, and the light changes then as I accelerate, it goes full blast.

    That's most noticeable if it's constant on.

    Why do you have it in autonox? I recommend highway mode. You can disable x band in detector tools if you prefer.

    It's also possible that it was an I/O encounter.



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