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    Default Question about hard-wired Escort 9500ix powering sequence

    Hi everybody! I currently have an Escort 9500ix mounted in my 2008 Silverado. My current mounting set up is done with a Blendmount mirror mount and is hard-wired wired via an Invisicord into my power rear-view mirror. I've had it mounted like this for about five months now and really do love it. Despite my liking for this set-up, I've had one nagging uncertainty about my wiring set-up ever since I first installed it.

    When I turn the key over in my truck to the accessory mode, it powers on all the electronics: stereo, rear-view mirror, dashboard, windows, etc. When I go to start the truck, all the electronics turn off for a split second until the engine starts, and then immediately turn on again. All of this happens in a mere split second during a normal start-up.

    My question lies in what my 9500 does during this process. Naturally, since my RD is plugged into my rear-view mirror, it powers on and off with the mirror and therefore follows the above off/on/off process. When the RD goes through this fast on/off/on process of starting the engine, the RD makes a rather sharp noise as it quickly loses & regains its power source. The only way that I can describe the noise it makes is that it sounds as though the detector is shorting out. It's definitely not a good sound. The noise it makes causes me to regularly watch the detector when it starts, because with it making that sound, I'm expecting it to just short out and die one of these days. And for the record, when my 9500 is manually powered on with it's power button, it doesn't make the noise.

    Is this noise normal for any hard-wired set-up? Again, it's wired with an Invisicord into my rear-view mirror and plugged it into the fuses that were indicated for a 2008 Silverado in the Invisicord's instructions. I'll live with the noise as long as I know that it isn't going to fry my $500 detector.

    P.S. I also occasionally have instances where I'm driving along and the voice on my 9500 will randomly say, "Powering Down, Please Unplug." And then it shuts off. It won't restart again until I unplug it. After plugging it back in, it'll start up immediately and be completely fine. It's kinda strange. For the record, this detector was purchased brand new in June of 2010. Thanks in advance!
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    Default Re: Question about hard-wired Escort 9500ix powering sequence

    you should here a click, and then power display "Passport 9500ix" and then a beep for every setting that has been changed from the standard setttings.

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    Default Re: Question about hard-wired Escort 9500ix powering sequence

    Well, I guess it could kind of be described as a click. After it makes the 'click', it flashes 'Passport 9500ix' & all modified settings afterwards like normal. Regardless, as long as the noise it makes is normal and not going to fry it, I'm cool with it. The noise has always worried me though because it's definitely not a good sound IMO.

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    Default Re: Question about hard-wired Escort 9500ix powering sequence

    Could always unplug the phone cord end that connects to the ix and plug it in after you start up the car. Pain, but would solve your problem. My ix was hardwired in my car, but I always turned the car over as soon as the key goes in. I know of the sound you are talking about, and that just seems to be the sound it makes from going on/off/on sending a hysteresis through the speaker.



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