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    I have a complex question for specialist.
    The Function MUTE closes the sound for all bands immediately. Or only for that where I have done the function MUTE.
    The Situation : I and get alerts from door sensor ( K-band ), afterwards press MUTE and in I shoot the radar ( Ka-band).
    The Question ????????
    I am get;receive sound from detector or will be a silence.

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    If I remember correctly, when a new alert comes in after you mute the previous alert, it will come back on. Not so sure about this cause its been a while since I powered up my 8500. Perhaps someone else who had this can chime in.

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    Anytime my X50 detects a new signal when muted, the sound comes back on. Sometimes if there are a few deployed K-band speed signs along a construction zone, the new sign will not unmute the X50. I think it is because the signs are so close in frequency. There must be a threshold that has to be met for the detector to consider something a "new" threat.

    So in theory, I guess you could mute-out a 24.150 k-band door opener, and get nailed by a cop using a 24.150 radar gun immediately after...

    To answer the OP's question, if you mute a k-band signal, your detector will most certainly alert to a ka-band signal after. Will it alert to a second k-band signal? Yes, as long as its' frequency is not the same or very close to the signal you muted.
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