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    Default 9500ix K band range

    I havent owned my 9500ix long enough to have any "saves" yet, but I was driving through a small town tonight and was impressed with the K band range it has.

    Coming off the highway I quickly picked up a C/O K radar from about ~1200 ft away (checked later with google earth). As I approached the two sheriffs (one was shooting Ka towards opposing traffic), I realized he was back quite a way between two buildings, not even shooting down the road. Without a detector, I wouldn't have known he was there until I was passing him.

    I turned around and got a video of it, but I was using my iPhone and was more concentrated on holding a perfect speed (they're anal in this area) than holding the phone steady.

    Screen shot 2011-04-04 at 11.06.52 PM.jpg

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    Default Re: 9500ix K band range

    My wife's 9500ix picked up a K-band speed sign from 3.5 miles away one day, then 3.7 miles the second day, measured by the odometer. My RX65 picked it up from about 1.5 miles and my Whistler 695 from 1.2 miles. The 9500ix was the champ on that particular stretch of road.
    The k-band sign stayed in the same location for several years, then was removed and hasn't reappeared, never got the chance to test the Sti-R against it.



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