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    Default False Ku band with Escort iQ

    I was driving the other day and I was sitting at a stop light and I got a mild to moderate Ku band. I showed Jeff (GreenRadar) the pics of my detector I took, and he said he's never heard of anyone getting a false Ku band in the US before.

    I'm in Nebraska and using an iQ. Anyone every heard of this? I never got any Ku band signals before on my 9500ix.
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    Default Re: False Ku band with Escort iQ

    Ku band is a nonexistent threat in the US and falses can occur from other RDs, satellite dishes etc. so it's best to just turn Ku off. Generally detectors that have Ku have it turned off by default, which would explain the lack of Ku falses on the 9500ix.
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    Default Re: False Ku band with Escort iQ

    I've had Ku falses before. Back when I first got a Ku false, I posted a question about it. The general consensus was satellite dishes. I'd say most don't get them because they have Ku band disabled, which is what should be done.

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    Default Re: False Ku band with Escort iQ

    I got Ku falses on my 9500ix when I had POP enabled. What was crazy was that one time there was an unmarked LEO across the intersection from me.



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