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    Question Redline - Speaker issues. 12V power hardwire + fuse questions.

    I am getting my Redline today.
    I read posts about how the volume might be low, especially for voice alerts.
    Some users have posted about blown Redline speakers.

    My goal is to get an external speaker to hook up to my Redline.
    I have never hardwired anything to my car's power (12V in this case) before, so I am looking for some hardwiring answers and tips:

    I googled for a while to find out how to hard wire the external speaker into a 12V (switched is what I want of course) power source.

    I found this adapter which should avoid my having to splice any wires:

    1. Is there any specific fuse circuit I should use that won't overload (blow) the fuse given the existing powered sources in the car that are powered by that fuse's circuit?

    2. Is my approach correct - i.e. using the "add a fuse" kit and simply hooking the speaker wire (from the Escort, or equivalent after market, aux speaker)?
    (I know, as an alternative, I can avoid using the kit and splice a wire instead but this kit approach seems a lot cleaner)

    3. I have a multimeter. I guess I hook it up to my car fuse box and check which circuit is supplying 12V of switched power.
    Do I hook the multimeter's probes to the fuse panel with the fuse removed to locate a 12V switched circuit?

    Any tips would be appreciated so I don't blow a fuse and, far worse, risk damaging the other device / equipment in the car that is powered by the same fuse circuit that I end up choosing to power my external speaker from...


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    Default Re: Redline - Speaker issues. 12V power hardwire + fuse questions.

    I'd like to know as well since I plan on installing an aux speaker when I get back. Also, is it possible to have the same speaker wired to the LI alerts as well or is it one or the other? Does Radarbusters sell the Escort Aux Speaker? I haven't been able to find it. I don't mean to hijack your thread Cruiser66, just didn't want to make a new one with similar issues. Thanks for that Amazon link btw.

    Oh, and yes the Redline's speaker volume is very low even at max. It was noticeably lower than my 9500ix that I replaced. I'm sure you realize this already if you received your Redline today. It is a great RD though!

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    Default Re: Redline - Speaker issues. 12V power hardwire + fuse questions.

    I used the smartcord hardwire kit plus an "add-a-fuse" kit to wire my Jeep and it's worked great and I havent had any issues. When I originally installed my kit I used the radio fuse because it would turn on and off with the ignition, however, I did have some voltage issues but it turned out I also had a bad battery too. I ended up using the rear wiper fuse instead and it's worked without a single hiccup for the past year.

    I'm no EE but I'm pretty sure, if you're working out of the fuse box, everything is 12V. Yeah, you'd want to make sure a source wasn't underpowered with your MM but it should be really simple.

    The speaker should work the exact same way, find a fuse to tie into, use the add a fuse and you're done. Again you obviously want to find a fuse that is tied to the ignition so you don't drain the battery. Let me say however, it is SO easy to add any device to your vehicle using the add-a-fuse.



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