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    I bought a qi45 in the USA and installed it in my car. It worked just fine in the USA. I had the car shipped out to Poland and for some reason it won't detect anything.. speed traps, cops, etc. The only thing it does go off for is gas stations. Is there a way to reprogram it? Any way to make it work out here?

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    How can I do that?

    edit: looking at another thread listing the poland bands I see that they are the following...

    Ka-band 34.00 & 34.30GHz
    Photo Radars: Ramer 7/7M, AD9 (Ramet), Multanova 6F

    K-band 24.125
    Photo Radars: Fotorapid/Fotorapid C (C for colour pictures Wink ), Gatso
    Instant On: Rapid Ka (works on K), K15, Iskra-1

    X-band 10.525
    Instant On: Rapid (old but many still in use)

    VideoRecorders in civil cars owned by police (not detectable)

    Red Light Cams (Traffipax - don't know band)
    VASCAR - not yet

    which seems to cover all the bands my qi45 should cover which is weird as I drove my the photoradars and nothin went off
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