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    Default QI45 and Spectre Stealth

    Spectre Stealth is listed as one of the features with this detector. Yet I have read that it is easily detectable. Living in VA I am very courous as to weather this detector is VG2 or Spectre detectable. Is this not the main reason one buys a remote mounted detector.

    Anyone know for sure?



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    Default Re: QI45 and Spectre Stealth

    The QI45 not stealth to the Spectre. It is stealth to the (obsolete) VG-2 RDD. The QI45 uses the M4 platform, the same as the 9500ix, 8500 X50, Bel RX65 and Vector series, and a few others.

    Only the M3 platform Escorts and Bels are undetectable to the Spectre. These would be the remote mount Escort 9500ci, Bel STi-R+, and the windshield mount Escort Redline and Bel STi Driver.
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    Default Re: QI45 and Spectre Stealth

    So what is meant when they list Spectre Stealth in the technical specifications. Does the QI45 try to provide Spectre Stealth but not do it very well? Might this feature have been added to newer models?



    Escort Passport Qi45 Features •X, K, Ka, Ku, and Super Wideband Ka Detection
    •Detects all types of Laser
    •Instant-On (Pulse) Detection
    •Detects POP Mode
    •Safety Warning System™ (SWS™)
    •Spectre Stealth
    •Optional Laser Jamming Kit (Sold Separately)
    •Out of Sight Installation
    •Voice Alerts
    •LED Display
    •Graphical Display
    •Alpha-Numeric Display
    •Radar/Laser Signature ID
    •Bar Graph Signal Strength Indicator
    •Dual Alert Display
    •Ku Band Detection
    •Selectable Bands
    •Three Sensitivity Modes
    •Visual Alert Only Mode
    •Auto and Manual Muting
    •Low Voltage Warning
    •Software Upgradable
    •Fully Adjustable Audio Levels
    •One Year Manufacturer Warranty



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