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    Exclamation Redline - first laser (scatter) alert

    Well, I just got my first laser alert with the Redline. (Also had a few 34.7 Ka alerts since my last post about radar encounters and performance).

    The laser (scatter) alert was on the highway.

    I got anywhere between 2 and 3 tenths of a mile warning, going by the trip odometer so the 2 tenths is in case it was close to the next tenth already when the alert triggered (digital odometers are not good for such short distances).

    The LEO was parked a little off perpendicular to the road.

    Given the distance, I had some time to slow down (if needed) before being in his direct view.

    It was pretty similar to my 9500i laser scatter alert experiences I suppose but this was in a different spot with a less direct line of sight.

    This once again shows that good laser detection performance is more important in a detector than some people make it out to be.
    If you're the only one around, then laser detection may not help of course given the targeting range, but that is no different from IO radar in that case.

    Of course, if there are no rabbits (other vehicles traveling the same direction) in front of you, you have your detector mounted high(er) than mine or any of the other factors that affect performance and detections range (different laser gun being used than in my area, different windshield, weather etc. etc.) then it may not help.

    That is my 4th laser scatter alert in the past 3 months or so (3 with the 9500i and 1 with the Redline).

    Has anyone else have any good laser scatter alerts with their Redline?
    Feel free to post your experiences.

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    Default Re: Redline - first laser (scatter) alert

    Nice. In my experience the M3 platform is similar to the S7 for laser sensitivity, meaning it's lucky if you get scatter. Going by my M4 RX65 which does pick up scatter I would guess the 9500i and ix are better at picking up laser than the Redline.

    Laser detection can save you, but it's rare.
    If I'm passing you on the right, YOU are in the wrong lane!

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    Default Re: Redline - first laser (scatter) alert

    I have yet to have a laser detection with my me rx65. I know that I have been hit too. Much better detection with my me vs me scatter and/or hit.

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    Default Re: Redline - first laser (scatter) alert

    In my experience with Redline, a laser alert means YOUR car is being shot, not scatter.

    Unless it is forward facing sunrise or sunset - I've had a few of those.

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    Default Re: Redline - first laser (scatter) alert

    ^Same for me, only time my RL goes off for LASER is when I'm the target, but on the same token it doesn't false LASER either.

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    Default Re: Redline - first laser (scatter) alert

    Thanks a lot for posting your experience kpatz!
    Interesting that you believe (I know nobody is certain of course, unless anyone has run any tests) that the 9500i is better.

    The sentiment seems mixed:
    I know escortradarrep think the Redline's laser is right up there (will have to find the exact post).
    It also does have more laser sensors than the 9500i/ix.

    All that being said though, given your experience and that of at least one other forum poster here or at the escortradar site forums (assuming it was not you in a different thread), stating they felt the Redline's / M3 laser performance was not as good as that of the M4.

    I will search through both sites and see what i can dig up.

    I was just starting to really like my Redline.
    It does not "false" (not really false of course just detecting radar from further away that is not from a LEO - e.g. same spots and frequency every single day) as much as expected, even in town.
    I must admit though that the extra falses do still make a difference, especially after being spoiled by the 9500i's lack of "falses".

    My plans:
    1. I may upgrade my 9500i to an ix and use this for days when I won't be going as far or commuting. I want the speed traps and speed cameras.

    I will not be using TruLock or Auto Learn given the potential to lock out a real LEO (I would rather use mute then and hope any new / different signal will unmute it).
    If they could somehow track the exact signal strength by location within the lockout zone and 'exact' frequency of the signal (within a margin of error of course) and ONLY lock the signal out if it meets BOTH criteria, I would love it and feel more comfortable using it.
    signal out

    2. Get the SC55 to pair with my Redline (once I get confirmation that the Defender updates for the SC55 include speed traps, as advertised (seem this is not 100% clear) and not just speed cameras

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    Default Re: Redline - first laser (scatter) alert

    I had an RedLine laser scatter save that my V1/CI/LI's didn't alert to initially. About 1/4mi before seeing the LEO my RedLine went off and i almost assumed it was a false until my CI went off laser.

    I was pritty impressed, i also had 4++ laser saves with my 9500ix as well.

    Still nothing better than my 9500ix and utilizing TrueLock, well maybe my 9500CI and using TrueLock.

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    Default Re: Redline - first laser (scatter) alert

    Looks like my last reply a few minutes ago failed (I spent a while typing it!).
    I will have to do it again when I get home tonight....
    Argh! I can't find it in my browser cache or clipboard (I sometimes do a CTRL-C before posting long replies in case it gets lost upon submission).

    For now, thanks for the feedback everyone!!! Hearing real world experiences helps a lot since it allows us to compare products and make informed choices when deciding which detector model to use!

    I will say that while I was initially surprised when I read some of the people posting their experiences about not getting any scatter with the Redline. However, thinking it through for a few seconds, I suspect it could simply be that different laser guns are used in their areas...
    I have some questions for CJR238 and some other comments, but will save them for when I have some time tonight...

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    Default Re: Redline - first laser (scatter) alert

    I don't think I have gotten laser scatter with any of my Escort's yet. I do have one video where the V1 was alerting like crazy to laser scatter and the Redline was silent till I got the kill shot.

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    Default Re: Redline - first laser (scatter) alert

    Just my $.02, but V1 seems to pick up LIDAR much faster than any other detector on the market. My Redline is much more sensitive to LIDAR than my RX65 (S7); but positioning can also increase/decrease detection. Seems like if I mount the Redline dead center of the windshield, it does an OK job of picking up the scatter or direct shots; mounted at the top, it is dead quiet.

    I would never trust your RD to defend you against LIDAR, that is the job of some good laser jammers!




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