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    Default 9500ix 2, laser 0

    Well, some good news. I bought a RL back in March and it gave me service required about three times, so I took it to escort. I told them about it and that I'd rather get a 9500ix instead since the range didn't seem as far as I was expecting with the RL (could have been part of the reason of the service required message, I know). Anyway, customer service was top notch at their store near Dayton, Ohio and I took my new baby home.

    So far...there have been few radar alerts but it did pick some up, mostly C/O oncoming traffic K band. But, what really suprised me was how well it picks up laser. Two times I've gotten laser alerts, slam on the brakes, and sure enough there was a cruiser with a gun aimed right at me. I fully expected to get a ticket both times, being I was doing 90/65 and 85/55. But for one reason or another they never pulled out to get me. One was at night before he was visible and the other was mid day. Could be because I only have a rear plate and not a rear and front like Ohio requires (I have PA plates) or the distance was rather far for both and I slowed down before they got a read. Thats the only things I can think of. Either way, kudos to escort for a well made product and customer service. Couldn't be happier.

    I will be looking into laser shifters/jammers soon... do some research. I've never been lasered before this and thought it was rare...that was in Florida. I believe they're illegal in Ohio, though, so I guess we'll see.

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    Jammers aren't illegal in Ohio, and I think they have more laser per capita than any other state, so spring for those jammers!

    Good to hear the 9500ix is serving you well in the meantime.
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    Default Re: 9500ix 2, laser 0

    That's good to hear. I have been hit with laser a few times around here (about 1 or 2 times a year) and I have never gotten a laser alert while using a Belscort. I have gotten a laser alert on a V1, though.

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    I've been very happy with the LIDAR detection on the ix and I am hit with laser at least once or twice a day by mobile speed cameras. I've had a few saves which would constitute 'scatter saves' (had the GPS not been marked with the locations they sit hence I was going 5 below the speed). I would say 95% of the time it would alert me to laser. Obviously some of those aren't enough to save you from a ticket, but this is still spectacular for any radar/laser detector. If you are fast when getting a laser alert, you can sometimes slow down before the speed itself is locked. Furthermore, the light beam does get wide enough to cover much of the road at over 1/2-3/4 miles. Just because the light beam itself travels at the speed of light does not mean the lock is always as quick as the manufacturers advertise, as they use the 'best case' scenario. Your car shape can also help too; certain shaped vehicles seem to be slower to be locked (and it seems that certain coatings/treatments can reduce the locking range as well).

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    I wasn't so lucky. 9500ix let me know to pull over and get my ticket. Just bought LI's as I don't want that to happen agian.



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