I posted this before or maybe its lost in cyberspace or could be the 1st indication of going senile so I'll try again. I got an S2 new in the box for a good price. I think the S3 is prettier but wasn't gonna pay $350. First thing I did was get the visor clip as I hate suck-tion cups. I hung it on the passenger visor. Completely stable with an unobstructed level view out the window since I have no metallic tint in the glass. No drawback(s) other than the rear laser sensor is blocked and wifey loses the visor. The plus is that higher is better for radar detection and its difficult to spot from the outside. During my trip I saw numerous detectors stuck on the glass aimed at the clouds. Most of them were......cobras. My adventure took me on I-84 in NY to I-81 thru PA, MD, WV, VA, and TN. The S2 alerted to speed signs 1/2 mile away and real threats on K and ka were picked up 7~9 tenths of a mile away. Plenty of time to back down. All but one were c/o and the CB flushed em out also. Pretty good since they have always been very creative at concealment. VA was nothing short of a feeding frenzy with motorists as prey. At one point a I just passed an entrance when I saw a VSP come on in my rear view. I told the wife to make like she's fixing her hair so he can't see the S2. He goes to pass on the left and I fool with my visor blocking his view again. I notice a Spectre RDD on his windshield and quickly shut off the S2. LEO is now ahead in the distance when his disco lights pull over a goober with a RD stuck on the glass. I pass em, turn it back on and continue home. The S2 worked good for a cordless and beats the corded stuff out of Asia. Watch for part 2.
.......The dr.