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    I am going to hardwire my Escort. I have the cord with the remote display.
    Question: Where/how do you mount the remote display. On the Valentine1, it seems rather straightforward, but with the escort, the cord comes from the back. There are no "flanges" to use to cut out a place on the dash. The remote has a slanted face.
    Any suggestions or pictures??

    found a place - never mind
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    Escort has remote displays? I thought they only have the blinking LED.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooluser23 View Post
    Escort has remote displays? I thought they only have the blinking LED.
    Sounds like he was talking about the Escort smartcord with the LED light for alerts and mute button. You're right, Escort doesn't have remote displays, just the smartcords.

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    Yes, I was talking about the smartcord. I have it done.



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