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    Is TSR new for redline and how good does it work? did first models have it?

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    Most owners say it works with the speed sensors. Veil Guy did review and said it delayed K-band signal for almost 2 seconds. If you have instant-on K in your area you could be looking to get pulled over.

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    I hate tsr I would turn it off.
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    It is an amazing idea but Escort missed one major component and that was a sole toggle switch to turn it on/off. If you have traffic sensors, you can run without issue but as said the IO and burst K-band signals may be missed. Given only certain roads have these drones, you want a system in which you can turn it on and off while driving. With the V1 I accomplish this with programming, but it still means that any time I am in a 'city' mode, I also lose burst K-band signals and so it still it a PITA. Given these monitors will likely grow, a switch on the unit to allow the TSR to be disabled/enabled should be considered by makers. But as far as does it work as designed? Absolutely. It also results in a substantial reduction in K-band false signals as well given it works much like the 'K-band auto-mute delay' on the V1. If it impacts range I can't tell you but with the Redline, you won't be hurting for warning distances.



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