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    Angry 9500ix GPS Functionality

    I've read about the 9500ix and am very interested in making it my next radar detector but I have a burning question about a key feature which is what has drawn me towards it. THE GPS function... and how it suppresses false signals by capturing and remembering the location of the signal so it can suppress the alert the next time you drive past the same location.

    Maybe someone here who has one can you explain....what if there's a cop in the same geographical location every day where you drive? Does this require some sort of manual intervention to instruct the detector to keep reporting on this particular signal at this location and not suppress? Or is it somehow smart enough to know the difference?

    My last question before I buy one. Thanks

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    Default Re: 9500ix GPS Functionality

    Read this:

    Explanation of the 9500I & TrueLock info (Tricks)

    I have a couple of ixs and I love them. For me, it is almost perfect. I own/owned them all and the ix is a great detector.

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    Default Re: 9500ix GPS Functionality

    If the 9500ix has stored the signal as a false then you can unstore it by pressing the MARK button when it is subsequently detected. You can also store the location as a "speed trap".

    I highly recommend the 9500ix, it's an amazing detector.

    Escort Radar customer service is available from 8am-6pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-543-1608



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