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    Default Raised mount, missed false

    I raised where my X50 was mounted from just below rear-view mirror to on the side of it below the slght bluish tint strip. I decided to test it and went by a known false which it completely missed. I automatically assumed something was wrong, but then I approached a second false (a semi-permanent k band speed sign, so not really a false) and it picked it up at the same distance as it did before. By the way, the first false spot was also k band. Anyone know what this might be caused by?

    Also, I mounted it back where it was as I didnt want to miss anything.

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    Well it depends upon many factors, but my Bel, a "false" such as a door opener, is very weak as I drive passed. My only guess is that the false spot is very weak and comming from the side so the RD does not pick it up, because in reality that type of K band is not a threat, unless it is a low power multinova.

    I think it is acceptable performance plus les falsing, maybe that is why mine does not alert everytime I pass every auto door opener.



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