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    Default stir vs ci gps lockout

    So I bought a new car and of course, it has an infrared windshield so I am in the market for a remote mount to bypass this problem. My friend has the ci and it falses more than my redline even though all of the falses have been locked out. So my question is, could this possibly be a problem of poor antenna placement (rear deck next to the windshield) or is it a fault of the ci? Will the sti-r plus have better gps lockout i.e. no falses. ever. or do they both rely on a similar system and would I expect similar results?

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    Default Re: stir vs ci gps lockout

    On the one hand, the more sensitive the RD, the more it will false, because the RD can't tell the difference between a 24.15 GHz signal from a door opener, and a 24.15 GHz signal from a radar gun. Since the CI, RL and STi-R are the three most sensitive RD's on the market, they will false more than anything else.
    Did you run your Redline in your friends car along side the CI? I ask this because if it was in an area where the CI had locked out falses, and both RD's were set to the same settings, ie both in City mode, the CI should have been way quieter than the RL. That does not make sense at all. Weak Redline?
    Expecting no falses is unreasonable; however, if you manually lockout all the known falses that are fairly strong signals, and then set the STi-R+ to Auto or Auto no-X, it can be made very, very quiet.
    GPS lockout will be very similiar if not identical between the units that use it. I have owned a 9500ix, and the lockout function & radius between it and my STi-R+ is pretty much the same.

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    Default Re: stir vs ci gps lockout

    If you are referring to your Redline now in a car with the type of windshield that harms range, then this is why your Redline sits quiet. The Redline is more chattier than the GPS driven Escorts, but certain windshields can reduce the range of a window unit by 95% or more. Both Mike Valentine and Escort have discussed this in the past and mentioned a few specific names but I cannot recall many of them. I know some Fords SolarBarriers or something, many exotics, and select oddball cars are included. As said the STiR+/9500ci is an EXTREMELY sensitive system, yet it has the ability to be really quiet (which defies the law of traditional radar detection). You should be able to run the Redline and 9500ci together, as noted, to compare and because they are truly shielded they should have very, very little to no interference with each other. Do you have a pic of the install?



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