Beta operating software is currently available for the Passport iQ. To learn more connect your iQ to Detector Tools and click on the "Attention beta test" banner. Follow the instructions on the banner link to report any issues that you find.

The iQ beta software will only be available to download until Friday evening, 8/19, then it will return to the normal operating software. You are welcome to use the beta software as long as you like though.

This, and all operating software updates, is free for iQ owners. No Defender subscription is required.

The iQ beta software should work well but if you are planning on taking a trip and depending on the iQ for navigation then I would not recommend installing it.

iQ beta software enhancements:

1. Enhanced map graphics.
2. Emergency button on main screen.
3. Moved actual speed by speed limit sign.
4. Actual speed background turns red if you’re over user selected "over speed".
5. Ability to toggle between map and detector screen by touching the speed limit sign.
6. TSR on by default
7. Saved other locations to favorites instead of just Home or work.
8. Improved search feature within a city that has multiple zips.
9. User selected route avoidance for toll or highway along with shortest and fastest route.
10. Increased larger view of map on screen when on or off route.
11. When you’re on route you can toggle the bottom right corner bar that has eta to show the actual street you’re on.
12. At start up, user can select whether they want Escort Classic alert tones or Mild Chime tone.

Thank you