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    Default Was gonna get one but now concerns

    I was gonna get a 9500ix but I just read a thread where the NAV touchscreen was making a guy's laser go off constantly?? That's no good...and I have a HUGE NAV screen.

    I have a 2011 Shelby GT500 Mustang, with NAV. It's on all the time, will it be a problem?

    Second, trying to figure out where to mount. I like the tight look of the blendmount under the mirror. It seems like with the geometry of my car, it would work good...sits relatively low...and with my tinted windows, I dont think you'll be able to see it from the back window. Almost makes it look like part of the mirror. Thieves are not too much of a worry as my car is garaged and I work in a secure area as well.

    Either that or directly on top of the dash. The new mustangs have a small cutout/indention on top middle dash...looks almost like it was made to put a detector there. Blendmount is cool b/c I can direct wire into mirror, easy. Dash would be ok...lukcily there is a power port RIGHT below in the top middle of the dash, so a very short cord would not be too intrusive.

    Thanks in advance. I live in OK, and laser jammers are illegal. So I was contemplating the Veil product but not sure I want to cover up my nice HID lights with gunk. I wonder how it would look.
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    Default Re: Was gonna get one but now concerns

    If that is the case and a problem just turn the laser off, all that tell you when it goes off is pull over and get your ticket. In some cases you might get some fragment of laser but that is not too often you will need a laser jammer (LI) is one of the best.

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    Default Re: Was gonna get one but now concerns

    It's only a problem if the detector has a view of the nav screen. In most cases a windshield mounted detector won't. If it does, just move the detector to another spot. It's possible that your car's nav screen won't bother the 9500ix at all.
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    Default Re: Was gonna get one but now concerns

    like spartcus said, just turn laser off, it doesn't do you any good on a radar detector anyways

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    Default Re: Was gonna get one but now concerns

    My nav only bothers the RD when I hold it up in front of the screen.

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    Default Re: Was gonna get one but now concerns

    I would not worry about it. The Escorts are really good about not laser falsing and I have not had issues with my 9500 and the factory nav on GM cars. I'm not sure about yours, but like others said you don't need the laser turned on...what you NEED is a jammer to compliment it as radar detectors are poor laser detectors and are usually going to say 'hey pull over you just got nailed'. Also, if you did have an issue with false alerts, Escort will take it as an exchange or a return in 30 days, and everyone on this forum can say they keep good to that promise. You may want to consider Escort's Beltronics STiR+ for your car if you are willing to drop a few more bills on it. That and a Laser Interceptor would probably be the ultimate setup for your car.

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    Default Re: Was gonna get one but now concerns

    I donít have any problems with my Nav. system (but it is portable) and the 9500ix.

    Below is how I hooked up my detector and remote control option. I love my C6 but Iím a Ford man too! Enjoy that Shelby.

    Here are some shots of how it looks installed in my Corvette.

    Running dark keeps others from using your detector.

    This is the bracket I made using a 6" steel ruler. It fit perfectly in the 9500ix opening.
    You can buy a bracket on the web. You don't need to make your own. I just enjoyed making my own.

    You can purchase one from Iím not sure if they have one for the Ford but they do carry ford parts too.

    Cheers, Ben

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    Default Re: Was gonna get one but now concerns

    I am currently using the 9500Ix in my '11 Mustang GT 'vert, that is equipped with the factory Nav package, without any interference of any kind. I am using the windshield mount, low on the windshield. I know that I am giving up some performance with the low mount, but I don't care for the visibility from the rear with the high mounting positions. YMMV



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