Well, I bit the costly bullet and picked up a 9500ix. I hope this detector does a little better job than my Cobra unit does time will tell and I will post my review here. I am moving to Arizona soon and it was reported to me that there are MANY speed cams and red light cams. There are none here in Wisconsin that I know of. I will post my comparison results here soon!.
First of all my buying experience at Best buy was not unexpected. I buy many high ticket items above $500.00 and both times Best buy tried to sell me a unsealed and totally open box!. Makes ya wonder if they are trying to sell you a returned or demo item!. I previously got a $800.00 + xoom tablet at the same store and it too was opened and unsealed. I might add both times they tried to use the same excuse for doing this they say it must have been accidentally opened when they used the razor knife to open the carton on the pallet (YEA RIGHT!). What do you suppose the odds are that two items bought at the same store were accidentally opened this way?. I threatened to cancel the sale and low and behold they came up with a sealed box!. I got the super sucker mount, but I have read this mount sometimes fails if used in a hot auto. I understand Escort has re designed this mount but HAVE THEY FIXED IT?