Hey everyone. New here. Just picked up a 8500 x50 black. I think it is defective though. I got it straight from Escort, so I might see if I can exchange it but I wanted to get some expert advice first.

I did a lot of research on detectors before buying and I had it narrowed down to the x50 black and the v1.

After driving around the past few days I'm beginning to think its defective?? Every time I encounter a LEO who is either moving or stationary I get almost NO warning. The x50 goes off either k or ka with 3 or 4 signal bars and only like a 1/4 of a mile from the source. I haven't once see it do a ramp up from 1-full signal bars, it always starts at 3 or 4 and goes all the way up a few seconds later and then drops to 4 or 5 and then full again. It doesn't matter if I am on a perfectly flat road or coming around a slight corner or going up/down a slight hill. I also tired the detector in another car with the same results.

Also when coming to a few red lights in a different town I will all of a sudden get a full x band (in city mode) as soon as I'm maybe 200-300 feet from the red light and after I pass it the signal bars will progressively get lower and lower. I turned around at one light thinking maybe it was directional or something but I get the same results going the other way. Its almost like the front sensors are not working properly??

I have tried resetting the unit 3 times and I am constantly getting false x band alerts, and occasional false k and ka band alerts when in city mode.

I haven't owned a radar detector in a few years, but I almost feel like my $100 Cobra detector from 4 years ago had better range, which is really leading me to believe mine is defective.

Also, I was just driving on the highway in highway mode and came up on a "drone", the signs in wheels that displays messages, and I did not get any alert until I was less then a 1/4 mile away and it alerted to full k band.

Is there any way for sure I can test to see if this thing is defective or not??

If anyone could give me some input before I call Escort it would be greatly appreciated!!!