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    Default about escort passport 8500 euro


    Well, some info about escort 8500 x 50 euro that i have now after bel 910 my first detector)
    All info are tested for about 6 mounth...daily
    Yes, it is more sensitive...5 time more.
    It has instant-on k band which is more interesting than just k band...when a k band source appear, it will alert you about half a second sooner, and after the radar source is gone it will shut off sooner than in normal k band opperation.
    It has 4 ka band separation mode, and Ku band
    Instant on k band scans from 24.100 to 24.250mhz and simple k band starts from 24.050
    It detects Traffipax Speedophot ( a low powered german radar) from 400 meters where simple x 50 in some casses missed that thread.
    The most important thing is that can detect an IO (under 2 seconds pulse) from 1 mile away, where a non euro detector will fail to alert.

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    Default Re: about escort passport 8500 euro

    Thanks for sharing, gra!

    Would you be so kind and take a look at the thread "List of bands in Europe" and check if the information of your country Romania (or others) is still accurate!

    We all would appreciate it! THX



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