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    Default escort 8500 x50 off axis better than 9500ix??

    Guys of LIDAR - Radar Detector Test - July 2007

    check out the stats... im really shocked and disapointed in the 9500ix but it seems like it looses hard to the x50 on off axis... kind of changes my mind to get a 9500ix

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    Default Re: escort 8500 x50 off axis better than 9500ix??

    Didn't you see the foam disclaimer/controversy on that webpage? The 9500ix's off-axis is probably better off-axis due to it's lense. Others here have noted that the X50 Black, which uses the same type of lense as the 9500ix, has better off-axis detection than the older silver X50.

    The 9500ix's off-axis detection has worked well for me in real world use. If you really want to try a 9500ix then do so and let your experience decide for you.

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    Default Re: escort 8500 x50 off axis better than 9500ix??

    I own the following Bel-Escort's
    The STI Magnum
    The Passport 8500 X50
    The Vector 995
    The Passport 9500ix

    I've had the
    Valentine 1

    Honestly...the 9500ix is top tier and superior to the 8500 x50 any day of the week but I use my STI Magnum the most now a days since I drive on the freeway, but I do switch over to the 9500ix during my city drives or on roads I know with a lot of falses. I never feel naked with the 9500ix the way I would with an 8500 x50 after comparing the two with an actual radar gun (Stalker ATR).

    The 9500ix beats it in range all day.



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