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    Default 8500 going haywire and lots of Q's thanks

    hi ive had my 8500 for about 7 yrs or so, and it constantly says calibrating or needs service on the display

    sometimes it will work fine without going into the above situations

    is it worth sending in for a repair, or just buy another through the escort return program

    how do i decide between the new Black, 9500ix and redline

    ive read multiple reviews on all these and the various forums but i dont know what to get

    i live in southern cali, where i believe Ka is the only concerning band right?

    and also for escort live, doesnt surrounding vehicles also need to be using it at the same time for it to send you a signal of a bogey?

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    Default Re: 8500 going haywire and lots of Q's thanks

    I would say that after 7 years, it's time for a new one. My original 8500 died after almost 8 or 9 years.

    You can get it repaired for $60, or trade it in for $80 for a new one.

    If you were happy with your old 8500 and don't want to spend significantly more, than the Black will do just fine. The 9500ix has the same processor, but offers all of the GPS features (auto learn. RLC & speedtrap database). I don't own the Redline, but I'm sure someone will chime it. I believe it has improved long range sensitivity without the GPS functions. I also believe it is undetectable (which the Black and 9500ix are).

    I think the rule of thumb is that if you want to be more budget concious, the Black will serve you well. If you want to move up, the 9500ix is the detector if your drive consists of falsing sources. THe Redline might be your choice if your doing primarily high speed highway driving.

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    Default Re: 8500 going haywire and lots of Q's thanks

    I think it depends on the type of person you are.

    If you want to be alerted of everything all the time everywhere you go: Redline

    If you find that with more alerts you tend to tune them out and really just want it to alert you when it really thinks there's a threat: 9500xi

    The GPS in the 9500xi will:
    - stop alerts below 25MPH (why do you care if there's a cop there and you're doing 25MPH?)
    - remember bogus alerts (signals at the same places 3 times in a row - door openers, speed signs, etc.)
    - allow you to mark: Speed traps, red-light cameras, etc.
    - use the Defender DB for Redlight cameras and Speedtraps you don't know about.

    For me, having had radar detectors in the past and having them go off a lot and getting to the point where I ignore them and eventually put them in the glove box, the 9500xi fits my driving quite well. It's been mounted (Blendmount) in my car for a few years now. I know that if it chirps that it's something that I need to pay attention to.

    There are others who really do want every alert. If they're sitting still in a parking lot and a cop turns on to the street 5mi away, they want to know about it. The Redline is for them. (a bit of an exaggeration but there are people that just want to know about every alert and want to know about it well in advance - nothing wrong with that)
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