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    Default Escort Live! - When will the direct wire be released?

    Just looking for a head's up of when we can pre-order the direct/hard wire for our vehicles for Escort Live!

    I know it's, "Sometime after the first of the year." I was hoping for something like, "Should be mid January," or, "we expect it by Feb 1st," or, "We'll be taking pre-orders just after Christmas."

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    Default Re: Escort Live! - When will the direct wire be released?


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    Default Re: Escort Live! - When will the direct wire be released?

    Escortradar said late Q1 in one of the more recent comments. So assume around march.

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    Default Re: Escort Live! - When will the direct wire be released?

    We are expecting to ship direct wire SmartCord Live cords and installed system Escort Live support in March or April of 2012.

    Escort Radar customer service is available from 8am-6pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-543-1608

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    Default Re: Escort Live! - When will the direct wire be released?

    Why will it take so long? Isn't it basically just changing the ends on the escort live cord now for it to be direct wired? I'd figure you can just use a similar sized mute button area where the report button is, and the main computer for the live so it ends up being similar to the direct wire cord now, perhaps a bit bigger.

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    Default Re: Escort Live! - When will the direct wire be released?

    Some folks have been complaining about the lack of a more discrete cord solution vs. the currently offered coiled cord. I think that it has been mentioned here somewhere that you can modify the cord by just adding an RJ 6pin connector extension to reach your detector.

    I made my own version of an extension, but it was a little less ‘correct hardware’ and little more ‘make do with what I had laying around’. I cut the end off of the Escort live cord and crimped on an 8 pin RJ-45 connector (two pins on one side unused since the live unit is only a 6 pin feed). I then grabbed an old RJ-45 cable (Ethernet cable for PC) and an RJ-45 cable-to-cable connector and connected my Escort Live unit to the cable extension. Once I had my extension rigged up, I cut the 8 pin connector off detector end and noted which two cables were not being used as well as how the wires were previously connected from the live unit, how they corresponded to my extension cable wire coloring, and then crimped on a 6 pin RJ connector for my Redline. Please take care with the last step so that the power feeds are not connected to the wrong leads at the detector. Not sure, but that could be a $500 mistake if the unit is not protected against a bad pin configuration.

    Once complete the routing was a breeze and the unit is quite discrete. The only issue with my install is that I have no access to the buttons on the cable due to where my 12v feed is located, but then again, I have my iPhone installed such that it does that work easily, just a pain if the app is not up top. Attached are the pictures of the installation. Not much to see (as it should be).

    Setup: Modified Escort Live w/RJ-45 connector (-2 wires)àRJ-45coupleràmodified RJ-45 cable with a 6 pin connector on detector end.
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