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    Default Looking to get a new detector.

    I currently own the Passport 8500 X50 in red, and am thinking about upgrading to the 9500ix this summer (I'm possibly getting a new car). I wanted to know if there has been any hype or rumors about new models coming out though. I know that the new thing is the Escort LIVE! for live updates, but I honestly don't know what I think about that... Yes, it's cheaper than buying a new radar detector, but It's not really what I want. I'm sick of my radar detector going off all of the time. I drive both city and highway frequently, and all of the false alarms make me ignore it, which can be bad. I know where most of the false alarm are, but one time ignoring it when it's actually a cop and .

    So yeah, any word about new detectors coming out soon? I don't want to buy a 9500ix and 6 months or so later, it's outdated :X.

    By the way, I drive in New Jersey and Long Island mainly, but I go on frequent trips all up and down the east coast.

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    Default Re: Looking to get a new detector.

    Escort Live offers TrueLock false alert elimination. It isn't automatic like on the 9500ix (ie AutoLearn), but you will be able to eliminate false alerts.

    Escort Radar customer service is available from 8am-6pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-543-1608

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    Default Re: Looking to get a new detector.

    If I had to deal with X-Band on a regular basis, the 9500ix would no doubt be my choice for a windshield mount with it's auto learn feature.

    The ultimate detector that covers all the basis is the STi-R Plus, the drawbacks are price and it's not portable from one vehicle to another after the install.

    For that amount I'd be more inclined to have the 9500ix for local duty and grab a STi-Magnum for Highway trips.



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