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    Thumbs down Escort Live app Power Problems :(

    Has anyone else seen this problem. I have noticed that the app drains the power faster then the phone can charge. So if I have a low battery say 15% life left and start to use Escort live and have the phone pluged in to the car charger in about 10-20 mins later the phone starts to shut off. Even if I have a full battery in about 2-4 hours of running the app while pluged in to the car charger. The phone shuts off due to low battery. Any one else seen this happen. I have taken my phone to the ATT store to get it checked out and they say its got to be the app.

    I have a Samsung infuse on the ATT network.

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    Default Re: Escort Live app Power Problems :(

    The problem is when you don't have an efficient phone, you shouldn't expect efficiency. This is not the first time we have heard of this problem and won't be the last. Many Adroid devices suffer from this issue. My recomendation, do not use the USB port on the LIVE plug. Use a different charger for your phone, one that has a higher power output.

    On my iPhone, I can run Live, turn by turn voice nav, and iPod at the same time and the USB port on the LIVE plug will just barely charge it. And I mean just barely...
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    Default Re: Escort Live app Power Problems :(

    I have the same problem with my Galaxy Nexus. Doesn't seem to matter if it is plugged into the regular charger or the USB, it still discharges faster than it can charge.



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