I am excited, but at the same time kind of bummed out.
I have prided my V1's, and am the reason many friends and family have V1's.
I wont repost .. but in the V1 section I made a huge complaint post. I hope Mike Valentine gets to read it.

So after a horrible experience and I mean horrible customer service experience with V1 I was so got dang angry at this lady from V1 being so rude and talking to me the way she did instead of spending 480$ for a V1 with saturday shipping.. I spent 558$ after calling escort on a Green 9500ix gamerz edition.

I'm a gamer so it all works out anyways .

I'm nervous because I blew nearly 100$ more than I wanted (wife isnt going to be happy, and she's expecting arrows lmao she's gonna be like WHATS THIS??).
I WANTED MY DEVICE ON SATURDAY .. so I paid accordingly. I had such a great experience with the escort lady compared the Allice the lady at VR I asked for the Escort reps name. Her name was Barbara Carson. So if anyone here works with escort let her know I threw her a compliment.

Guys... I am really hoping this is a good detector. Ive used RD's\V1 mostly for a long time, and being an RF guy I am adjusted to having a super sensitive V1, but DAMN those falses do get annoying.

I'm going to start hanging out on this escort forum, and read up. I guess now I get to see what the competition is all about, and if I dont like it I will just send it back and take the 58$ next day loss on shipping. I got a good feeling though. Being in the IT field I like devices I can interface with my computer! So I'm kind of excited to do so!