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    Default OMG escort live is so sick looking.

    I live near San Antonio Tx.

    I bought the 9500ix today after a super bad experience with VR\V1 lady.
    I have had this bummered feeling wondering if I spent my money well.
    I also thought "Should I have spent the extra 35$" for the escort live version and now im just stuck with the 9500ix and thats all. I didnt know it's just a power chord I need to buy OMG.. Iphone is next, and escort live soon .

    Being a tech guy.. and being an absolute die hard v1 owner. I am starting to break out of my total bummerness feeling. Now I just have to use the escort 9500ix and break past the being scared part of it because I have never owned anything but V1's and I trust them, but something tells me I made the perfect purchase for my future of driving. Plus .. OMG when I escort live my 9500ix I am totally going to brag this feature up to all my family that I introduced V1's too. LMAO

    This is awesome!

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    Default Re: OMG escort live is so sick looking.

    I have had the 9500ix for some time now, and just got my Escort Live cord last night. I used it on the way to work, and so far I really like it. Using it on an older Android phone (Galaxy S), and have not had issues on my ONE trip so far. Have seen 2 post to the cloud from others as well near my route. (Dallas area)

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    Default Re: OMG escort live is so sick looking.

    Ohhhh Man see thats the part that is Erking me so bad here In San Antonio I am wondering who all else is running Escort live. It's as much fun to know where the coppers are as it is to know your fellow defense users are live and active!



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