Ok.. so I read that with an iphone if you get a call the live system quits working or you have to turn it off or whatever. (Nature of the design and architecture of the iphone). So since I'm going to buy a compatible phone fo rmy 9500ix I'm considering an Android based phone as I read it does not have this problem, and can run applications cached in the background, and still process the LIVE even while taking a phone call. I just wanted to verify any and all information on the following using an Android setup.

1. Driving with live running. I get a phone call, and want to put it on speaker? (Hoping I could voice command the phone to go into speaker mode). Will it shut off LIVE? Will it switch views from the running LIVE app to something else? Bypasses to this if so?

2. Say another live user detects a copper. It gets plotted on live. How long does a plot live before it dissapears on live?

3. I seen live detects KA, and LASER, but will live plot an K band detection ? Work arounds if not?

5. Last but not least .... with a system like Red Line NOT having arrows installed in or on it's unit, BUT having dual antennas and being able to read multiple bogey spectrums which all V1 does is multi-plex this information seperates them, and analyzes them then puts a digital output of total number of bogeys. Is it copy right infringement to have you GPS display unit simply display arrows of the detected signal? Wouldnt that bypass any copy right laws of V1 ? Since the GPS system is outputting the arrow icons on your phone couldnt this be considered different than physical LED's on the V1 displaying direction? Honestly ... everyone knows.. if escort could display a direction V1 would have to close house! If Mr. Valentine doesnt start doing something big. I would think he would simply consider selling out to stay in the game, or joining escort as a share holder, and incorporate his technology, because if he doesnt follow suite with this GPS scenario I see escort live destroying the legendary V1. ( I hate to every say such words even though that old lady I called at VR pissed me off allot) I just wouldnt want to see an industry leader closing shop and retiring.

400$ a unit for V1 is a great price for it's capabilities, but cost of building the unit. No real advertising to produce greater sales other than online advertising. No major deals. (Like talk to Radio Shack) get your units in there like the crappy RMR did with their cheap detectors, and youll sell!
Hit wal-mart and you go instant big! Lmao At same time gotta be low key so the coppers dont get on top of lawing things down. (Big sales though could influence governors with a little cheese in an envelope to prevent banning of such devices heh heh.)

Anyhow... I look forward to the above escort live answers. Tomorrow my unit is supposed to arrive. I'm a bit worred though as the unit was supposed to ship out friday as promised to me, and arrive monday as Barbara Carson was on top of that for me, but my bank shows otherwise.