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    Default First Time Radar Detector User-X850 Questions

    Hello i have been reading up on radar detectors and just purchased an Escore x850 red. I was wondering what tips and tricks i should perform on the detector itself to enhance performance. Is the auto sensitivity feature perfect out of the fox or do i have to tweak a few things? I do most of my driving on highway(stop and go highways) and woodsy areas.

    Sorry if these are dumb questions, this is my first radar detector though

    Also, besides programming tweaks, are there any blatently obvious things i should do with the detector like mounting it high as i read in many posts?

    Thanks for the info thus far guys/girls, it is really coming in handy.

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    Usual advice applies.

    You should keep it in highway mode (minimal filtering) as much of the time as possible. Manually switch to city mode when you need to and back to highway when you are away from the high-noise areas. There really isn't anything else to tweak with the X50. You may wish to turn off POP if the falsing starts to get annoying. That depends on where you drive, so you can think about it as you use it.

    Since you are a first-time RD user I will add the disclaimer that a radar detector is NOT a cop detector. It won't detect anything if he isn't transmitting, and he doesn't have to transmit until he can see you. You Must (capital M for emphasis) drive with due caution. Travelling alone at high speeds, driving inattentively, and generally forgetting that you are still vulnerable will guarantee a ticket in short order. If you use it as a tool that compliments intelligent driving (keeping your eyes open and keeping your speed reasonable) you will be met with outstanding results.

    Welcome and happy motoring!

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    Also... I cannot stress the following enough: Be sure to place the radar detector LEVEL. Meaning that it would sit "parallel" to the surface of a flat road... if you have it angled you will significantly decrease range.

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    Well, the name is escort 8500 x50 :wink:

    I am with airmoor, make sure the detector is LEVEL.

    I would also recommend to drive around with it in your city for a while. Figure out where the detector falses. You may even think about switching the display to EXP mode, so you can track multiple radar threats at once. If you are going by your normal false spot, you can tell if there is still a real threat ahead.

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    Default yes

    yes, the level thing... most peopl ewhen they stick those sucky cups up there with the detector on it think the face of the detector should "lean toward them" or it just so happens that it is a little crooked from the perception in the driver's seat.

    Keep it CLEAN and protect it well. It is a HIGH smash and grab target for any hoodlum. I lock mine in the glovey or pocket it in a baggie if I go in a store/mall/booze filled bar/whorehouse, etc,.



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