I will ONLY own 1 of two detectors. Being either V1, or Escort higher end product.
Right now I am absolutely frustrated. I placed my order friday morning for my Escort 9500ix to arrive Saturday. I got called back and told Saturday delivery is not optional in my area, and so it was next day shipped. I was provided a tracking number.

Today being monday the day I paid for the device to arrive. My tracking number is not showing me anything useful and doesnt find the transit at all. I called Barbera Carson. Again she was very friendly, and provided the tracking number in which I double verified. She stated maybe it has not been scanned or something, but is expected to arrive today (monday 1-30-2012).

I'm growing frustrated because I'm paying for all of this service to have it days ago, and I cant even track it today. My speedometer is broke on my car and until next week I dont have time to replace the speed sensor on the vehicle. So the IX speed read out would be helpfull. I face tickets, and slow driving to and from work daily because of this vehicle failure.

My bank shows the deduction of the shipment. Yet the tracking number is failing. I have someone waiting at my house today just to get this device and ensure no problems, and they are reporting it is not yet arrived. Ultimate in-conveinence.

I have a gut feeling it's not going to arrive today setting me back until at least wed before I get my device. If thats the case theres a high chance I just order my V1 via their website to bypass that mean lady on the phone.

Although frustrating .... Escort has been great customer service, and I understand each rep I spoke with is doing their best in providing what they can to their limitations. So 5 star customer service, but got damn I wanted this detector saturday. I could pay 450$ and have V1 tomorrow. If I find that it does not arrive tomorrow, and something goes sour. I will just stick with V1 as I feel like I am taking a chance using the 9500ix, but another part of me wants to own both lmao.

It's easy to make my mind up when I know what to expect, but if this detector dont arrive today then I will go with my first choice and back to V1's website lmao.

I will keep faith though... all because great customer service can always ensure mistakes are compensated for and corrected to provide the consumer a great service even when mistakes are made. Lets see what escort does for me on this one if my unit doesnt arrive today, because I will not be a happy camper I will tell you that!

The lady even confirmed the deduction for the unit from my account, and my bank shows the deduction as well. So this hopefully doesnt turn out to be an absolute nightmare.