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    Default FOLKS --- I got my 9500ix in today... ESCORT = 5\5 stars CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!!!!!

    First I want to compliment Barbera Carson at Escort for listening to me vent about "Allice" the grouch from V1 who lost a V1 sale and caused me to seek out what Escort has to offer, and BOY AM I HAPPY I DID!

    Second I want to very much compliment Larry Clark from escort. Formerly known as the EscortRadar member in most all online forums who also moderates the escort forum where I posted a very impatient frustrating concearn regarding my delivery of my device. Larry built a bridge today that I will walk over from now on to buy more escort products as the V1 wooden bridge rotted!

    Larry contacted people of the shipping department and filled me in that I absolutely should be getting my 9500ix today. He even went to the extent to answer billing question specific to my issue and the un-available saturday delivery refund to my account.

    Not only did I get everything Escort promised me, but they havent even charged me for it yet. Now this is not normal process and let me explain. (I didnt get anything free lmao), but this is what I mean. After V1 "Allice" pissed me off so bad I couldnt see straight and told her to go ahead and not process my credit card right after I provided every cent of numbers and security code on the back up to the point she just needed to click on the process payment button.. I backed out because she was so rude to me and it was such a bad experience.

    Calling Escort and speaking with Barbera Carson who was a joy to speak with. She not only got my order out friday, but tried to get it to me on saturday. Total fee for the unit and a saturday delivery was 558$. She called me back following up on my specific order. She let me know Saturday delivery was not an option where I lived. She said she processed a refund, and next day mailed it to me guarenteed to have it arrive on monday. Because of this process, and it being friday... my unit arrived today (monday 1-30-2012) as promised.
    Larry Clark from escort .. (the EscortRadar admin\member you find on all radar detector forums) let me know I wont be charged possibly for two or three days, and the refund of difference in shipping may take a week.
    Meanwhile ESCORT REFUNDED THE FULL AMOUNT BACK TO MY BANK AND EVEN SENT ME THE UNIT So technically I have my unit, and havent paid a cent for it.

    I got "THEIR MONEY" in my bank waiting for them, and I also got names of people. I have a habbit being a business owner of remembering customers names, and I tend to ask names of people I deal with and remember\document them. In this case I remember a lady at VR who had my money and hand, and I said just give me my money back I dont want your product because you provide poor customer service.
    On the other hand... I have two names of people at Escort who have absolutely been on top of what they do. Folks... if these people are this good at customer service... then it speaks for their design, compassion, elegance, and their growth potential in the market of Radar Detection and Traffic Citation defense systems.

    They are clearly without question INDUSTRY LEADERS!


    I will get back with reviews of the product! I plan on taking high definition video as my wife holds the 1080p camera and trying to get some smokeys captured up.
    Once we go "LIVE" with the unit. I will be sure to video down town usage as I am sure in the major city of San Antonio, Texas there is other escort live users networking their unit as we are a technology city being so close to microprocessor companies and computer industry leaders tech is important here. Either way I will go LIVE just because I love electronics and features and really love showing it off to my fellow programmers\app developers, IT people at work .

    Thanks Larry Clark, and please do me a favor, and get this post up to Barbera Carsons manager. I want that lady to get complimented. Also a "BRIAN" from the live chat was very very helpfull too, and a spencer. (I called multiple times.. I can be a difficult person lmao) , but you and Barbera were most of who I stayed in contact with, and you guys carried 100% 5 star support for my situation the whole way through.


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    Default Re: FOLKS --- I got my 9500ix in today... ESCORT = 5\5 stars CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!!!!!

    Thank you for the feedback Cody! I passed along your comments to the others who helped you. We strive to offer the best customer service possible. While we need to know about the negative experiences in order to improve, it's also great to hear the positive experiences.

    I apologize for the delay getting your posts approved. I guess that I'm the only one moderating this Escort forum now. My first priority is our company run forum which has been extremely busy since Escort Live launched. Going forward I will try to check this forum more often to approve new member threads and to answer questions about our products.

    Escort Radar customer service is available from 8am-6pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-543-1608

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    Default Re: FOLKS --- I got my 9500ix in today... ESCORT = 5\5 stars CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!!!!!

    No problem. I also visit that escort forum. It's filled with questions of people who seem to not be capable of reading their user manual LMAO, but your do a very good job of being patient with them. So bonus points to you Larry.

    I got a couple of saves on my way home from work last night. This morning I am letting my wife take the unit to work since she has a very very long drive to work.

    I named my 9500ix SSIX "pronounced SIX" -Sexy Susan IX

    I programmed SSIX for Spectrum mode, and to display my speed on pilot. (Fkn love that feature). On my way home from work. I locked out an X-band false to get used to locking those out and using the features. I wasnt too sure of SSIX detection range as on my way to work I detected no smokeys as there were none radaring. However, on my way home from work SSIX sounded off and provided a 34 ghz signal showed my speed, and sounded KA Band. The officer was on off-axis and being sneaky in his vehicle being a dodge charger modified police vehicle. Even being off-axis I was alerted a mile away from the source. So I got a bit more cocky knowing now my unit is not faulty and is detecting. Having so much V1 experience I found this detection range very comprable and was pleased. So knowing SSIX will get more sensitive as I drive faster I laid on the pedal, but I was still detecting that same KA frequency (example. 34.168 signal).
    Then she Alerted again KA band this time a different KA band signal (Example: 34.145) this is where I fell in love with spectrum mode. I instantly knew that there were two coppers being provided this information. I drove about 2 1/2 miles in a V1 false alarm hot zone only detecting these two KA bands. All I can say is WOW... that detection range and spectrum mode provided me exactly what information I wanted to know.

    V1 would have been brapping multiple signals in that area as I lived here my whole life and owned V1 long enough using it through this same zone, and if there was ever a false alert complaint from me with V1 it was this exact city hwy stretch by the air port in san antonio. Escort simply didnt alert on anything but the true KA coppers radaring. This impressed me a great deal!

    So ... for my wife. This morning she took SSIX with her, and it was a very foggy one hour long drive. She did detect one officer, but it was not a phenominal encounter from what she explained on a long stretch the officer was pointing away from her, and already had someone with his lights on. So she could see the officer, but she did say even with his cop car pointed away from her she was alerted with plenty of time to stop. So I think Escorts Sensitivity is top notch. I am really hoping tonight on her way home with no fog, and traffic flowing at full speed and the cops monitoring for speeders she gets a RANGE detection with SSIX.

    I will report back. This stretch of highway is without question monitored. So I feel pretty good she's going to get an encounter.


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    Default Re: FOLKS --- I got my 9500ix in today... ESCORT = 5\5 stars CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!!!!!

    I have to agree. I have always been impressed with the customer services from Escort.

    I have spoken with Spencer (If memory serves me) as well, and he has been nothing but helpful. It is nice to call and ask questions and get someone who is glad to answer them without acting put out.

    This is why I have continued to buy from them year after year. My latest purchase was Escort Live. I ordered and had it in 2 days. BTW....There is at lease one person near my rout to and from work that also has it as I am seeing others input to the cloud.

    I will continue to buy from Escort as long as their products and customer services remains high.



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